How can I learn more about and access Hovr's privacy settings?

What is the difference between a public and private profile on Hovr? 

Public: Anyone on the same URL at the same time will automatically be able to connect with you and view your profile and shared contact information.

Private: Anyone on the same URL at the same time will be able to request to connect with you, and can only see the personal details that you select to be visible before you accept the request. Once you accept the request, your new connection will be able to view your full profile and shared contact information. 

Hio Hovr makes it easy to manage your privacy settings, allowing you to be in control of which information is visible to others. 

1. From Hio Hovr, click on the "hamburger" three-line icon at the top right of the box

2. Select "View my profile and settings"

3. From the slide-out drawer, select the second tab on the navigation bar that says "Profile Access"

4. You will be able to select "Public" or "Private" from the drop down menu

5. Your selection will auto-save so you can quickly get back to networking

Here's to hitting it off!