How can I create a Custom Tile?

Hio Hovr gives you the ability to feature sponsors, speakers, or other stakeholders through the use of our Custom Tiles. 

On your Hovr dashboard:
1. Click "Create Hovr" or edit an existing Hovr by selecting it from your Hovr list
2. In Step 3 of the creation wizard (Layout), check the box to select "Add cards to your custom tile"
3. Edit the header and subheader
4. In Step 5 of the creation wizard (Announcements), customize your tile by clicking "Create New"
5. Add in a title, description, link, and image for each stakeholder. You can add up to 8 in total.
6. Once you're finished, click "Generate Code" if this is a new Hovr or "Publish Changes" if you're editing to save the changes