How can I enable Hovr's cookies on Microsoft Edge?

Enabling cookies on Edge is quick and easy. This article will give you steps to allow the cookies and start networking! 

1. Open your Edge browser and navigate to your intended event or brand website.

2. At the top of your browser, click on the lock icon to the left of the website URL

3. Select "Cookies" from the drop down menu.

4. Click on the "Blocked" tab.

5. Click on "", and select "Allow".

6. Click on the blue "Done" button.
7. A banner will appear at the top of your screen notifying you of the cookie changes that have been made and prompting you to refresh the page. Click on the "Refresh" button.
8. That's it! Hovr will appear on your reloaded page and you'll be networking in no time! 

Here's to Hitting it Off!