How can I start a Brandcast?

Starting your own Brandcast is simple and quick. Just follow the steps below (or watch the tutorial)!

1. Navigate to the site where your Hovr lives.

2. You can access the "Start Brandcast" button from the Activity Feed (first quick action icon) or Brandcast Library (second quick action icon). From either area, click the pink "Start Brandcast" button.

3. You'll input a title, add preview text, and attach a high-res image.

4. If you'd like your Brandcast to be recorded, saved, and added to your Library post-Brandcast, leave the box at the bottom checked. If you do not want to save or archive your Brandcast, uncheck this box. 
5. That's it! You're ready to click "Go Live" and begin casting to your site visitors. Have a great time!