How does Hio protect users from spam?

Hio believes in creating only meaningful connections, so we've implemented measures to prevent spamming among users.

👉When between 1-100 individuals are online, all can connect without restriction. 
👉When between 101-500 individuals are online, you are limited to 15 connections per 45 seconds. 
👉When 501+ individuals are online, you are limited to 30 connections per 60 seconds. 

In the event that someone does connect with you and you suspect spam, please use our "Block and Report Abuse" feature. This will prevent them from further contacting you. Our team will take necessary steps to review the individual's activity and remove them from the platform if necessary. 

We hope these measures increase the value of your networking experience, and help you find the best people to "hit it off" with! 🎉