How will a virtual event look on Hio compared to a physical event?

Your virtual event will look much like  a physical event in the Hio app. Your attendees will still connect, live chat, and view details in the same manner. You can list and feature speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors, and have the ability to send push notifications as the organizer at any time.

Here are the ways your virtual events will look different: 

In a Host-Moderated virtual event: On the day of the event, you will notice a countdown timer in the header of your event that is ticking down to the meeting start time. Once the timer hits zero and you as the host join the Hio Meet meeting (or video hosting platform of your choice), your attendees will enter the live session by simply tapping "Join Meeting". Easy for all!

In a Virtual Lounge: Here you will see a "Lounge" tab that opens at the beginning of the event. Once the event opens, you can  interact in unlimited 1:1 and VIP Table video calls with other networkers!